The Zip Case

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Year after year we see so many cellos come to our shop with broken necks that we have been looking for a cost-efficient case to provide some protection when kids are riding the school bus, going to festivals, even just walking through crowded school hallways. At $195.00 the Zip case costs only a little more than a good-quality, soft cover, and a whole lot less than the cost of a broken neck or a totaled cello.

The Zip case is light-weight, only 9 lbs. It has wheels and an optional back-pack strap.  We have had it upgraded with an industrial-strength zipper, made by the Japanese company YKK. The case is covered in a tear resistant, woven nylon which comes in a choice of five colors: black, blue, red, silver, and brown. The body is of molded, stiff rubber, laminated with rigid foam, lined with a soft black velvetine fabric to protect the cello's finish from scratches.  These great cases are only available in full and 3/4 sizes at this time.

Other features include a combination lock for the zipper tabs, three comfortable handles, heavy-duty hinges, and a portal for the endpin.  Look for pictures of the colors and features below.


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Wheels & Endpin Portal
Combination Lock


Color Samples

We are currently sold out of all colors except black.