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Cases Available Now for Donation to Schools or Non-Profits

At this time we still have violin & viola cases in a variety of sizes to donate.  We still have a few cello covers, too.  If you need these cases, contact us through our ContactUs page, via email (email@gailesviolin.com) or call (301-474-4300). 

Check out the new Zip Case!

Year after year we see so many cellos come to our shop with broken necks that we have been looking for a cost-efficient case to provide some protection when kids are riding the school bus, going to festivals, even just walking through crowded school hallways. At $175.00 the Zip case costs only a little more than a good-quality, soft cover, and a whole lot less than the cost of a broken neck or a totaled cello.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only supplier of this special, new product in the U.S.A. The Zip case is light-weight, only 9 lbs., and it has wheels! We have had it upgraded with an industrial-strength zipper, made by the Japanese company YKK. The case is covered in a tear resistant woven nylon which comes in a choice of five colors: black, blue, red, gray, and brown. The body is of molded, stiff rubber, laminated with rigid foam, lined with a soft black fabric to protect the cello's finish from scratches.  These great cases are only available in full and 3/4 sizes.

For more information and pictures, go to the ZipCase page.


Other Items of Interest to Teachers

We frequently have cases, cello covers, and even instruments available for donation to schools and registered non-profits. Please contact us with your wish list. We will do our best to contact you when items you need become available.

Due to a special deal we have made with our suppliers, we are able to offer instruments to schools and community organizations at a special price. Please call for details.

Here is a checklist to use on students’ instruments. If you send a copy to the repair shop with the instrument, you don’t have to worry that the students or parents will forget what you said.

Resources for Violin Teachers, Students and Performers

The Violin Site, also check out their journal.

Violinist in Balance - a great site for information on improving posture and balance while playing.

Ted.com has many wonderful videos of great speakers. Be sure to do a search for Benjamin Zander.  He's a pianist and conductor, but he's also a great speaker and teacher. You'll be able to use a lot of what he has to offer no matter what instrument you teach.

Care and Handling of the Instrument  - anyone can use this but it's a great handout for teachers.

Practice Record - this is not set up for the current year.  You can edit it in Microsoft Word.

Instrument Registration Form - for school teachers to use at the beginning of the year.

Instrument Exchange Notice - for use by school teachers.