Rental Instruments

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About Our Rental Instruments

Save time!  Click here to download our Rental Agreement and fill it out in advance!  If you fax the agreement to us (301-474-4380), we will have your instrument waiting for you when you arrive.  You will need to know what size instrument you need for this service.  If you don't know what size you need, please bring your child, who will be playing the instrument, with you when you come to our shop.  When filling out the Rental Agreement, you can leave blank "Instr # R", "Selling Price", "State Tax" and "Total".  We will fill in those fields when we select the instrument for you.

Our rental violins, violas and cellos are the same high quality as the Franz Helmer instruments we offer for purchase.  We select instruments from reputable workshops around the globe that meet our high standards.  Every instrument is individually set up at Gailes’ Violin Shop, Inc. with ebony pegs and fingerboard and true Wittner tailpieces.  Soundposts and Aubert bridges are hand fitted to each instrument.  Guarneri ebony chinrests are standard on the rental instruments, but other choices are also available.

A wide range of fractional sizes of instruments is available. Violins are available in sizes 1/16 to full-size. Violas are available in sizes 12” and up. For smaller violas, we can restring a violin. Cellos are available in sizes 1/8 to full-size. Please call the shop to inquire about the availability of a specific size. We are happy help you determine which size instrument you need; just bring the student with you to the shop. In addition to an instrument, rental outfits include a fiberglass or wood student quality bow, a case, rosin and an I.D. tag.

About Rental Terms and Fees

Rental Fees are based on a term of three full months, with the exception that the first month’s rent will be prorated by the week. At the end of the initial three-month term, you may continue renting for successive three-month terms. No portion of the first three months’ fees is refundable. In subsequent terms, payment for any unused portion will be refunded.

A statement will be mailed near the end of each term so that your payments for the next three months can be made on time if you wish to continue renting. Payments are due on or before the Due Date to avoid late fees. If payment is not received by the 7th day after the Due Date a $10 late fee per month will be imposed.

If you decide to purchase an instrument (either your rental or any other instrument we have for sale), up to four terms (one year) of rent can be applied to the purchase price. 

Optional damage insurance is available on rental instruments.  This insurance covers body, neck, pegs, bow and case repairs.  Strings are not covered by this insurance. This insurance is for damage to the instrument only, and does not cover loss, theft or destruction of the instrument, bow or case.

Current Rental Rates

Per Three-Month Term:
Violin Viola Cello
Rental Fee
$75 $75 $135
$4.50 $4.50 $8.10
Optional Insurance
$21.00 $21.00 $27.00
Total without Insurance
$79.50 $79.50 $143.10
Total with Insurance
$100.50 $100.50 $170.10
Late Fees are $10 per month for all instruments.

Pre-paid Nine- and Ten-Month “School Year” Contracts are available at a discounted rate of 10%.

An Automatic Payment Plan using a major credit card is available at no extra charge for this service.

What You Need When You Rent

When renting an instrument, please be prepared with the following:

  • The name, address and phone number of the adult who will be responsible for the rental fee.
  • A major credit card number of the responsible adult (or a deposit of $100 for a violin or viola or $200 for a cello).
  • Payment for the first term.