Violas Over $5000

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
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vla 3220 topvla 3220 scrollvla 3220 back

Giuseppe Pedrini
Ricostruito a mano per
Gailes' Violin Shop, Inc.




vla 3886 topvla 3886 scrollvla 3886 back

Attributed to School of J. B. Colin
Mircourt, circa 1900




vla C372 topvla C372 scrollvla C372 backA.D. McDermott
Maryland, USA
15 7/8-inch




vla 4179TC topvla 4179TC scrollvla 4179TC back

Made in Chicago, Ill. by
Sean Peak
Copy of Matteos Gofriller




vla 4316 topvla 4316 scrollvla 4316 backpersonal model made by
Janos Bodor
Luthier, Churchville, PA, 2018




vla 3420TC topvla 3420TC scrollvla 3420TC back

Andrzej Swietlinski
Nowy Targ, Poland
no. 106074 2011 Size 16"



vla C363 topvla C363 scrollvla C363 back

A. D. McDermott
Handmade at
Gailes' Violin Shop




vla C360 topvla C360 scrollvla C360 back

Entirely Handmade In The Shop Of
William H. Lee & Co., Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
Model Ruggieri No. 159 1984



vla C312 topvla C312 scrollvla C312 back

John Sipe - fecit Charlotte
Fatto all Maniera di Maestri
Cremonensi anno domini 2002