Violins $1000-$2000

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
Please contact us for more information.

Artur Wilhelm
Artur Wilhelm instruments are set-up and adjusted at Gailes Violin Shop and available at various price points.



Scott Cao
Model 750 (European wood)
Unlike most factory made instruments, Scott Cao’s are fully hand carved by a group of skilled makers trained by Scott Cao’s students. These instruments feature carved scroll, carved tops, back arching and beautifully applied hand-painted varnish. These instruments are graduated by hand and finished according to the specifications of the traditional style. Due to the fine tone, pleasing appearance, and competitive price, they make excellent instruments for beginners.

Scott Cao
Model 850 Guarneri/Il Cannone



Jurgen Klier



Johannes Caralus




Johannes Kolb
Beijing, China (picture currently unavailable)