Violins $2000-$5000

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
Please contact us for more information.

circa 1900, Mittenwald, Germany



Hejja Janos
OP 44. Budapest, Hungary



Tokyo, Japan



Louis Lowendall
Circa 1890, Berlin, Germany



Copie de A. Stradivarius Cremonenfis
Mircourt, France



Jose Rocca



Jay Haide
China/Berkeley, CA




William Harris Lee
Chicago, USA/Gailes Violin Shop.
William Harris Lee & Co. has established a reputation for making the finest-sounding, most affordable hand-crafted violins, violas, and cellos in the United States.


Johannes Kolb, Model 500
Beijing, China




Johannes Kolb, Model 300
Beijing, China