Violins $2000-$5000

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
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vln C313 topvln C313 scrollvln C313 back

John Sipe
USA 2013

We aquired these two violins from the estate of the late American Master. He considered them to be among his best work.



vln C314 topvln C314 scrollvln C314 backJohn Sipe
USA 2013







vln 2157 topvln 2157 scrollvln 21557 backJoseph Gagliano Filius
Nicolai fecit Neat 1760






vln 2898TC topvln 2898TC scrollvln 2898TC backCopie Vernise de Justin Derazey
à Mircourt 1850-1890
Handmade especially for:
Gailes' Violin Shop, Inc. #2898TC




vln 4077 topvln 4077 scrollvln 4077 bakUnlabeled
Copy of A. Stradivarius





vln 3601TC topvln 3601TC scrollvln 3601TC backAndrzej Swietlinski
Nowy Tatg, Poland
No. 10842 2012
Guarneri Ole Bull Model




vln 4201 topvln 4201 scrollvln 4201 backModèle artistique à l'ancienne
Jay Haide
Special Model
Gailes' Violin Shop, Inc., Guarneri Model




vln 4191 topvln 4191 scrollvln 4191 backHans Warnow
1000 Musikstrasse
Gailes' Violin Shop, Inc. #4191




vln 4337 topvln 4337 scrollvln 4337 backHiroshi Kono luthier
N26275 Tokyo anno 2018





vln 3767 topvlb 3767 scrollvln 3767 backAntonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis
Faciebat Anno 1791
Strad copy made in Germany




vln 2538 topvln 2538 scrollvln 2538 backPalillut





vln c348 topvln c348 scrollvln c348 backUnlabeled
Germany, circa 1920





vln 3644 topvln 3644 scrollvln 3644 back

Copy of A. Stradivarius
French, Caussin Model




vln 3252 topvln 3252 scrollvln 3252 back

Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis
Facibat Anno 1736
(copy of a Strad)




vln 4097 topvln 4097 scrollvln 4907 backJay Haide
China/Berkeley, CA
Guarneri Model




Copy of Stradivarius 1790

Walter Mahr

G. A. Pfretzschner circa 1955

Dom. Montagnana