Violins Over $5000

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
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vln C374 topVln C374 scroll Rvln C374 Scroll Lvln C374 back

Paul Blanchard 1884





vln 4242 top4242 scroll

Ch. J. B. Collin-Mezin 1887





These two violins by Nicolas Vuillaume were made for Jean Baptiste Vuillaume of Paris. They are branded on the back of the scroll Stentor 2. In our experience, the Stentor 2 model always plays far beyond other instruments in its price range. Because of this, they are rarely available. These two came from a private collection in France. Certificates by Bernard Millant.


vln C324 topvln C324 scrollvln C324 backNicolas Vuillaume 1855
Stentor 2 Model





vln C323 topvln C323 scrollvln C323 backNicolas Vuillaume 1860
Stentor 2 Model





vln 37008 topvln 3708 scrollvln 3708 backRaymond Joseph Melanson
Rochester, Ma. anno 2013

This beautifully built instrument from an acknowledged American Master, was commissioned by us in 2013. It is a favorite of our instrument consultant, Jason Diggs. It is certified by the maker.


vln NN2 topvln NN2 scrollvln NN2 backA.D. McDermott
Maryland, USA

An excellent and rare example of this American Master.



Lissoni topLissoni scrollLissoni backAndrea Lissoni
Milan 2012

We commissioned a pair of these nearly identical violins, made by a student of the Italian Master Marco Piccinoti, with a certificate by Master Piccinoti.


vln 2822 topvln 2822 scrollvln 2822 backCabasse Visnaire

Early 19th century, French in near mint condition, with a certificate from Bernard Millant




vln 3157 topvln 3157 scrollvln 3157 backErnst Heinrich Roth





vln 3042TC topvln 3042TC scrollvln 3042TC backBottega Parmense
Parma, Italy





vln C376 topvln C376 scrollvln C376 backBottega
Del Marco Imer Piccinotti
San Polo E'Enza Anno 2006




vln 4339TC topvln 4339TC scrollvln 4339TC backMaciej Lacek