Small Size Violins

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This is a partial list of what is available. All instruments receive the GVS professional set-up.
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1/16 to 3/4 size

Franz Helmer
The Franz Helmer represents an excellent value for the beginning student. These violins come from finer Chinese workshops, and all are set-up and adjusted at Gailes’ Violin Shop, Inc. We find their quality consistently high, unlike many comparably priced Chinese instruments. They offer good playability and a quick and easy response. These violins feature acoustic tonewoods of maple and spruce that are far superior to their competition, as well as ebony pegs and fingerboard and genuine Wittner tailpieces.

1/8 Size

Michel-Ange Garini circa 1860. Beautiful, excellent condition, surprisingly large sound. RARE. $1,500.

1/4 Size, $500 to $800

Caprice China

Anton Petrov China/ Gailes’ Violin Shop

Louis Alexander China/ Gailes’ Violin Shop

1/2 Size, $500 to $3000

Claudio Baltazar





Artur Wilhelm
Made in Germany for Gailes’ Violin Shop




Caprice China

Anton Petrov China/Gailes’ Violin Shop

Nippon Circa 1910, Japan

Louis Alexander China/ Gailes’ Violin Shop

Mediofino France

Jay Haide China/Berkeley, CA

Attributed to either Neuner-Hornsteiner or J.A. Baader, Circa 1890, Mittenwald

3/4 Size, $450 to $2500

Johannes Kolb





Gailes’ Violin Model China

Jay Haide China/Berkeley, CA

Johannes Kolb Beijing, China

Andreas Eastman Model 305, China

Caprice China

Anton Petrov-Deluxe Bulgaria/Gailes’ Violin Shop

Rudoulf Doetsch

Stradivarous Copie circa 1950, Czechoslovakia

Scott Cao, Model 600, Model 750 China

Louis Alexander Bulgaria/Gailes’ Violin Shop

Labeled German circa 1930, Germany

Artur Wilhelm, custom wide model China/Gailes’ Violin Shop

Attributed to either Neuner-Hornsteiner or J.A. Baader circa 1890, Mittenwald